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Urethral Stricture:

Urethral Stricture
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Narrowing of Urethra causing obstructed urinary flow. The best Chance for a Cure of Stricture is in the first attempt. All further attempts have a higher failure rate. It is important to know the best option for your Urethral Stricture…

Cause: Trauma: Catheter /Injury/ Instrumentation Infection: urine Infection/ Urethritis/ STD Congenital: with or without Hypospadias Idiopathic: Unknown reason

Symptoms:  Decreased Urine flow Straining for urination Recurrent UTI kidney failure Due to Back Pressure Diagnosis  Uroflowmetry RGU / MCU Cystoscopy

Treatment: There is no medication for Urethral Stricture Except for transient use of Antibiotics to control infection.

DVIU / OIU: Suitable only for soft Mucosal stricture Less than 5 mm Length advantage: minimally invasive Disadvantage: Hugh rate of recurrent stricture.2nd attempt of DVIU has almost100% Failure. Anastomotic Urethroplasty: for strictures 5 mm to 25mm Length.

Advantages: high success rate Disadvantage: Risk of erectile problems due to the urethral transaction.

Substitution urethroplasty: for stricture not suitable for the above methods. Previous failed Stricture Buccal mucosa graft is the most common substitution, other options are Penile Skin or Tunica Albuginea.