Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer It is cancerous tumor of Urinary Bladder. It is more common after age of 40 years although it can happen in younger individuals as well in case of family history or Smoking.
 Symptoms Most common symptoms is Blood in urine which can be even so less that it is not visible to eyes and rather appears in Urine report in the form of RBC. Even single episode of Hematuria is dangerous and should require evaluation to rule out urinary tract cancer. 
Tests Urine Cytology for malignant cells. CECT KUB region Cystoscopy for visualization of bladder from inside for any growth. 
Treatment Superficial tumors Can be removed by endoscopic TURBT. 
New laser modalities offer better results with lesser bleeding. 
Deep Muscle invasive tumors. Require removal of Urinary Bladder which can be done by Laparoscopy After removal of bladder new bladder can be created from intestine segment Bladder Cancer is curable if treated early