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Dr. Aditya, a well-known Urologist, Andrologist, Uro-oncologist and Kidney transplant specialist in Lucknow is committed to conferring a range of comprehensive urological services using modern techniques for diagnostic, therapeutic purposes and abides by all international protocols. 

The human urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra) works hard to not only regulate, transport, and remove excess salts & toxins via urine but to maintain overall health. However, malfunctioning any of these organs can lead to urological problems and may cause you a great deal of discomfort. Moreover, long hospital stays and huge medical bills can be pretty harsh on your pocket.

Genital system is also in close relation to urinary system therefore Sexual problems can also arise along with urinary symptoms. Entire genito-urinary system related problems need specialized attention and care.

At Dr. Aditya’s clinic we offer a wide range of treatments such as urology cancers, laparoscopic urology, prostate diseases, stone removal surgeries, reconstructive urology surgery, erectile or sexual dysfunction, pediatric urology, and pediatric renal transplant at a nominal price. 

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Dr. Aditya Sharma is one of the best doctors in Lucknow I have ever met. And is trying hard to understand my case and cure me. His approach and guidance Give me Confidence to tackle the problem has given me hope. All the queries are also answered promptly. I am Very happy and Satisfied With Her Treatment Thank You. 😊😊

Parth Kamal

Dr. Aditya is one of the best Urologist in Lucknow, with lots of experience. He is very gentle and intelligent. When I met him and explained my problem, he has provided the best way out for that, this shows how much he updated himself. I Have never seen this high level confidence in any Urologist in lucknow.
Suggestion for everyone, if anyone is suffering from any Urological problem, meet Dr. Adittya at Apollomedics Hospitals.

Piyush Soni

Best urologist in Lucknow .. very kind and humble. He provides you the best and easy treatment .
Dr Aditya also suggest you the do’s and don’t in your treatment which I think most of the doctors don’t tell

Fazal Khan

Got good opportunity to work with him for a period of time. The way he communicate with patients is outstanding and able to gain the patient satisfactions in all his move. Continue the journey to break all huddles in health care. ✌️keep move on..

Muhammed Aslam

I am suffering from chronic prostatitis and Dr.Aditya has taken up my case only ten days ago
and is trying hard to understand my case and cure me. His approach and guidance to tackle the problem has given me hope. All the queries are also answered promptly. I shall be happy to give more reviews once I am close to getting cured.

Arun Sharma