Cancer is Largely Preventable

Quit Smoking-
Say not to tobacco and smoking. it’s never too late

Avoid Alcohol and Carbonated drinks-
Both Tobacco and Alcohol are bad for Kidneys and overall health. Also, avoid artificial Sugar as it has no health benefit.

Avoid taking supplements without medical advice-
Supplements like Creatine and many muscle gain powders contain harmful anabolic Steroids which can make your Kidneys and heart weak.

Consume More Plant and lean Proteins-
Protein intake doesn’t cause kidney damage. One should consume Protein equivalent to a minimum 2gm?KG Bodyweight. Consumption of Red meat should be avoided.

Eat more Fruits & Green Vegetables-
Fruits and green vegetables are essential for good health with the supply of good antioxidants and Fibre

Maintain Healthy weight-
Being overweight results in many discomforts and disorders. Both being overweight and underweight are bad for health

Good Sexual Health-
It is important to remain sexually active as this rejuvenates the body with the release of good endorphins, reduces stress. But have safe sex practices with adequate precautions

Drink Plenty of Water-
Healthy Adults should consume a minimum of 3 L water in summers and 2 L water in winters.

Exercise Daily-
90 mins of daily Exercise is vital