Endoscopic Procedures

Endourology procedures are procedures which do not require and cut or incision in body. in these procedures fine instruments reinserted through the natural urinary orifice to access urethra, Prostate, Urinary bladder, Ureters and Kidneys.

As Endourology endoscopic procedures do not involve any cut or incision there is nominal or no bleeding. Recovery is very fast and in most cases it is possible to go home on same day or after 24 Hrs.

Most Endourological procedures now involve treatment with advanced Holmium laser technology. Holmium laser has advantage of very minimal or no blood loss. tissue healing is faster after treatment with Laser. it can be utilised for variety of conditions like Urethral stricture, stone, prostate nd bladder tumors.

What to expect after Endoruological procedures:

After endourological procedure for Kidney generally a DJ stent is placed between kidney and urinary bladder which needs to be removed after sometime as per Urologist advice.

Generally there is a urinary catheter which is removed before discharge from hospital.

What to expect after removal of urinary catheter?

After removal of urinary catheter you may feel some urinary frequency or burning which is tolerable. it generally subsides in few hours.

What are types of Endourological procedures performed?

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Laser RIRS for Stone

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Ureteric DJ Stenting

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TURBT for Bladder Tumor

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prostate laser surgery 500x500 1

Laser Prostate Surgery



PCNL diagram 600


bladder botox diagram

Botox for Bladder