Cancer Prostate

Prostate cancer is curable if detected early. 
Do annual serum PSA.
Prostate cancer is second most common cancer in males Prostate cancer is generally seen after the age of 50 years but in smokers and with family history it can be seen as early as at the age of 40 years. 
Symptoms Unfortunately in the early stage of prostate cancer there are no symptoms most patient sometimes experience some urinary difficulty or sometimes blood in the urine. 
Most early prostate cancer cases are detected on testing of serum PSA Which is a very reliable test if the values are more than 4ng/dl. 
Apart from serum PSA cancer prostate diagnosis involves a digital rectal examination by a urologist.
An MRI for the prostate and a bone scan to check for the spread of prostate cancer. 
In newer modalities, PSMA PET CT Is found to be very effective in terms of identifying the spread of prostate cancer. 
Definitive diagnosis requires biopsy of the prostate which is safe and does not cause any risk or spread of disease.